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Season 6 Episodes

Episode 1 | Blue Harvest
Blue Harvest | FamilyGuyLOL

While the Griffins sit watching tv they suffer a power outage. Peter begins to tell the story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, but casts several Family Guy characters as the Star Wars characters.

Episode 2 | Movin' Out (Brian's Song)
Movin' Out (Brian's Song) | FamilyGuyLOL

Peter convinces Brian to move out with his girlfriend Jillian, and Stewie joins him to help pay the rent, but ends up trying to sabotage the relationship. Meanwhile Meg and Chris get jobs at the local convenience store, but Meg is forced to do all the work while Chris and the manager talk about their favourite movies.

Episode 3 | Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air
Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air | FamilyGuyLOL

Joe undergoes a leg transplant, giving him the ability to walk again, so he decides to start playing extreme sports and hanging out with more athletic people. Peter and the boys are upset at the lack of time Joe spends with them, so they devise a plan to get him back.

Episode 4 | Stewie Kills Lois (1)
Stewie Kills Lois (1) | FamilyGuyLOL

Stewie becomes jealous when Peter and Lois leave him while they go on a private cruise, so Stewie follows them and murders Lois. It appears to be an accident until suspicion falls on Peter after he reveals he recently took out a life insurance policy on his wife.

Episode 5 | Lois Kills Stewie (2)
Lois Kills Stewie (2) | FamilyGuyLOL

After returning from her presumed death Lois reveals her attempted killer to be Stewie. Stewie takes his family hostage, and heads to the CIA where he manages to gain total control. Determined to stop Stewie's reign of terror Lois realizes what she must do.

Episode 6 | Padre de Familia
Padre de Familia | FamilyGuyLOL

Peter's pride in being American causes him to start an anti-immigrant campaign in town-until he learns that he was actually born in Mexico. Unable to prove that he is an American citizen he is labelled as an illegal immigrant and forced to work as a servant for Lois' father.

Episode 7 | Peter's Daughter
Peter's Daughter | FamilyGuyLOL

Meg suffers from a coma, and finds herself interested in the med student who treated her, and soon they start to date. Peter, who has become overprotective of Meg since her the coma, is not happy about this relationship. Meanwhile Stewie and Brian purchase an old house and attempt to renovate it.

Episode 8 | McStroke
McStroke | FamilyGuyLOL

Peter grows a moustache, which he is quite proud of. Peter's moustache gives him a new found sense of courage, and he saves a man from a fire at McBurger town. The man turns out to be the owner of the restaurant and promises Peter free burgers for life, but Peter eats so many burgers that he suffers a stroke.

Episode 9 | Back to the Woods
Back to the Woods | FamilyGuyLOL

James Woods returns to seek revenge on Peter by stealing his identity. When Peter is left with nothing he counter attacks by destroying the actor's career and public image.

Episode 10 | Play It Again, Brian
Play It Again, Brian | FamilyGuyLOL

When Lois and Peter's marriage hit a snag they take up Brian's invite to attend a relaxing vacation at Martha's Vineyard. This back fires when Peter spends the whole time getting drunk, and Lois instead spends time with Brian. Meanwhile, Hebert babysits the kids back home.

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Episode 11 | The Former Life of Brian
The Former Life of Brian | FamilyGuyLOL

Brian finds out that he is the illegitimate father of an old girlfriend's unruly son. The boy is left at the Griffin's house to be raised by Brian, who manages to turn the boy's life around, until he starts acting too overprotective and self-righteous.

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Episode 12 | Long John Peter
Long John Peter | FamilyGuyLOL

Peter gets a pet parrot and begins to think he is a pirate. It all goes to his head and Peter actually starts to become the scourge of the neighbourhood until he accidentally kills his beloved parrot. Meanwhile when Chris takes Brian to the vet he falls in love with an intern working there.

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