If one is in search of a premium massaging chair, one may find oneself confronted with a conundrum: which to choose, PS6500 Massage Chair Brown Osim or Real Relax? Fear not, for a thorough comparison between these two esteemed brands shall be presented below, allowing one to make an informed decision.

Osim is a distinguished brand in the realm of luxury massage chairs, known for its sleek and futuristic designs. In contrast, Real Relax presents itself with a more conventional look whilst still remaining true to excellent build quality, both brands utilizing the finest materials available to ensure both comfort and longevity.

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Build and Design

Regarding the build quality, the Osim Massage Chair boasts a modern and contemporary design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, suiting any modern home decor. Conversely, the Real Relax Chair exhibits a more traditional design which is better aligned with classical home decor. It must be emphasized that both chairs are praiseworthy in their design and use the highest quality materials for durability, stability, and comfort.

It must be noted, however, that the Osim brand's chairs exhibit a superior build quality due to their utilization of state-of-the-art technology and materials, which are subject to rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. As such, the Osim chairs are sturdier and can withstand daily use, ensuring long-term reliability.

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Both the Osim and Real Relax brands offer a broad range of features aimed at enhancing the overall massage experience. The chairs come with zero gravity mode, foot rollers, heat therapy, and Shiatsu massage techniques, amongst other attributes. However, the Osim brand's chairs exhibit a wider range of programs and customizations, making it a preferred choice for users desiring greater control over their massage experience.

In fact, the Osim chairs come with advanced features such as the patented V-Hand Technology, which emulates human hand massage to provide a more realistic massage experience. Advanced airbag technology is also incorporated, providing a full-body massage from head to toe, ensuring that no area is left unattended. Furthermore, the Osim brand presents users with a range of manual massage controls, permitting customization of the massage programs to their liking.

The Real Relax brand's chairs, on the other hand, provide an outstanding massage experience with attributes including zero gravity mode, foot roller massage, and airbag technology. However, their massage programs are less customizable compared to the Osim brand's chairs, rendering them less versatile.

Massage Experience

The massage experience offered by both brands' chairs is exceptional and relaxing, with advanced features such as airbag technology, Shiatsu massage, and zero gravity mode providing a deep tissue massage experience, ultimately relieving one of stress and tension.

It should be noted, however, that the Osim brand's massage is more intensive and encompassing, exhibiting a broader range of motions aimed at providing a deep tissue massage experience akin to that of professional massage therapists. Osim's patented V-hand technology, together with the advanced airbag system, work in perfect unison to produce a three-dimensional massage, ensuring every muscle group is attended to. Additionally, Osim chairs present manual controls that provide users with extensive massage options, allowing them to personalize the massage programs.

The Real Relax brand's chairs offer an exceptional massage experience as well, albeit less intensive than that which the Osim brand's chairs present. The chairs embody attributes such as airbag technology, zero gravity mode, and foot roller massage, producing a calming and serene massage experience. However, their massage programs are not as adaptable as those of the Osim brand's chairs, rendering them less versatile.

Price Point

The Osim brand is more expensive than the Real Relax Chair. Regardless, both brands offer value for one's money as the chairs present features and build quality that justify their respective price points. The Osim brand's chairs, for example, are more expensive because of their advanced features, superior build quality, and design. However, the cost is justified as they offer a more intensive massage experience that emulates human massage techniques.

The Real Relax brand's chairs are more reasonably priced, making them a desirable choice for users seeking a high-quality massage chair on a budget. The chairs offer an exceptional massage experience and embody essential features such as zero gravity mode, airbag technology, and foot roller massage.

Customer Support

It is noteworthy that Osim offers superior customer support and has a more extensive network of service centers when compared to the Real Relax brand. This is a pivotal factor to consider, particularly for users who prioritize after-sales service and maintenance. The Osim brand's customer service is exceptional, providing prompt and helpful support that ensures optimal performance of the chairs over time.

The Real Relax brand's customer service is commendable but their network of service centers is not as comprehensive as that of the Osim brand's. Nonetheless, the brand's customer service presents timely and useful solutions to any issues that may arise.


It is concluded that both Osim and Real Relax are exceptional brands, with the choice between the two ultimately resting on preference and budget. If one desires a wider range of customizations and an intense massage experience akin to that of a professional massage therapist, Osim presents itself as the preferred choice. On the other hand, if one prefers a more conventional look and desires to save money, Real Relax is an excellent choice. Regardless of one's preference, both brands offer a high-quality massage experience that offers numerous health benefits, rendering them a prudent investment.


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